Monday, March 21, 2022

Jay Sonza talks about VAWC cases vs Vico, Kiko in case of accident to children who went to Pasig to watch concert in Leni-Kiko rally?


Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza took to Facebook to share images around social media to prove that the Leni-Kiko campaign rally isn’t what the local media is trying to portray to the public.


Sonza began by praying for children whom he said were deceived by Pink Schools to go to Emerald St. in Pasig to watch a concert will go home safe and sound.

Otherwise, they will face an onslaught of VAWC cases(Violence Against Women and Children) LAW from parents of children.

Sonza ended the brief FB post by thanking somebody for the free rides.

Sonza shared 4 screenshot pics of socmed post from netizens and Rappler for context.

Pic #1 is a screenshot from the comment of a certain Anna Margy who commented about the 13 year old daughter of her partner who was invited by her Kakampink Mom to go for a swim. Turned out, they went to Pasig to attend Leni-Kiko rally.

Pic #2 is from Rappler stating that the huge crowd that attended Leni-Kiko rally were not only from Pasig but from NCR and nearby provinces.

Pic #3 showed P1K bill allegedly received from Leni-Kiko camp. This must be fake. Anyone with P1K bill and a printer can easily do this and post it on social media. This stunt is also common after BBM-Sara tandem rallies. This must be the handiwork of some bored netizen who wants his 5-minutes of fame. Rappler and Vera Files, I am doing you a favor, ok? Be kind to me.

Pic #4 was uploaded by a certain Joma Rivera and photo was taken behind Ultra, Pasig City.


WOW! Lenlen.

Sana lang nakauwi ng maluwalhati ang mga bata at menor de edad na estudyante na nilansi ng mga PINK SCHOOLS para magpunta sa may Emerald Street, Pasig City para manood ika ng CONCERT.

Kasi, kung hindi, katakot-takot na kasong VAWC (Violence Against Women and Children) LAW ang aabutan ninyo nina pambansang Vico at Mang Kiko mula sa mga magulang ng mga bata.

Salamat nga pala sa libreng sakay kanina.


Source: Jay Sonza