Monday, March 21, 2022

This netizen blames Leni Robredo and fellow candidates why BBM is highly popular and favored to succeed PRRD?


Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu of the FB page KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair is putting the blame Leni Robredo and fellow presidential candidates squarely for BBM’s impending victory in the 2022 presidential polls.


Chu remarked that if the current crop of presidential candidates are not dumb, they should have known that attacking PRRD is their ticket to Malacanang is a monumental blunder because of the PRRD admin’s high approval ratings.

In addition, Leni and her allies had been linked to oust-Duterte plot rumor (spreads black propaganda against the Duterte) with the aim of undermining the very popular Duterte among Filipinos for the last 6 years. Instead of succeeding, the result was the opposite.

Chu said that if Leni and fellow presidential aspirants were thinking correctly, they should have not allowed BBM to emerge as only admin-leaning candidate.

If I may add, Pacquiao, Isko and Ping were viewed early on as pro-Duterte but months before the official filing of candidacy, they started attacking PRRD, thus earning the ire of the DDS.

Chu wrote that if Leni and fellow presidential aspirants played their cards right by playing the non-antagonistic path in dealing with PRRD, they could have given the public a pro-admin alternative to BBM, BBM would not have been this popular, making him the favorite to win 2022 presidential polls.

Chu blamed the bloated egos of Leni Robredo and fellow presidential candidates by thinking they are smarter than PRRD.

Kung hindi bobski ang mga kandidato, they should’ve seen that PRRD admin approval ratings are very high.

Leni and company couldn’t oust him. Instead they were the ones whose reputations got damaged as they tried to attack him over the past 6 years. Duterte’s trust ratings never dipped below honeymoon period levels. He has the faith of the people.

Kung nag iisip sila, they shouldn’t have allowed BBM to be the only administration-leaning candidate.

Kahit kaming mga ayaw kay BBM or sa Marcos name, walang choice kasi siya lang ang pro admin.


Eh kung nag field sila ng isang candidate na pro admin din at mahal si PRRD, at walang sasabihing masama against kay PRRD, na strong ang personality at Di gaya ni BONG GO na masyadong sensitive pa at hindi talaga politiko kaya umatras agad, e di sana Hindi namamayagpag ng ganito si BBM kasi merong ibang admin candidates.

Eh Wala, mas ma galing daw sila lahat kay PRRD.

So tell me you’re not smart without telling me you’re not smart.


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair