Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Look! How the humble "SUMAN" exposed BBM's true character during an incident in one of his caravans


The Marcoses has been the most maligned family in the country, courtesy of the local media and even by the international media. Perhaps all the negative adjectives have been labeled against the Marcoses when they were in power.


The attacks against the Marcoses never stopped even after FEM was ousted via the EDSA 1 People Power and until now.

When Imelda Marcos ran for President and BBM ran for a senate seat, the local media and their allies went overtime in attacking the Marcoses, in the hope of stopping them from winning. They did succeed in stopping Imelda but not so much with BBM.

If you think you’ve seen enough, I mean the bad press against the Marcoses, you’re dead wrong. The critics of the Marcoses, together with their tentacles in local media are now throwing everything against the Marcoses, including the sink, to stop another Marcos from occupying Malacanang.

I rarely recall when the local media ever reported something positive about the Marcoses or BBM for that matter. If ever the local media reported a few good things about the Marcoses, it was so negligible, it will never eclipsed the bad things they say about the Marcoses in general and for BBM in particular.

When I say local media, I was referring to the major TV networks, not SMNI, UNTV and the likes. They are not major networks as per Isko camp’s statement.

But this heartwarming video of BBM shared by Kuya Bok Tv will show BBM in a different light, so BBM supporters cannot expect the major local TV networks, major news networks to report about this mundane incident on prime time TV, especially when he is leading the surveys among presidential candidates. Why? That is not how the brains of our local media wired.

If they do, will that’s already a bonus and a rare phenomenon

Here’s Kuya Bok Tv’s caption to introduce the video to his subscribers:

Grabe! Dahil sa “SUMAN” Lumabas ang Tunay na Ugali ni Bbm! Ano ang kanyang Ginawa?

As you can see, Kuya Bok wants to make the video clickable but what happened was, one of BBM’s supporters tried to give him suman, not just one but a couple. But since BBM’s truck was moving, BBM did not get a good handle of the suman.

Remember the “banana cue” incident in Isko’s caravan?

BBM did the unexpected and told one of his security details to get the suman from the supporter. He also gave the instruction to the driver of his pickup to stop for a second so that suman can be handed to him.

And as they say, the suman and BBM were finally reunited because BBM knows how to appreciate the little things ordinary people gave them.



Source: Kuya Bok Tv