Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Watch! Did the crowd start dispersing while Leni Robredo was still delivering her campaign speech in Tuguegarao, Cagayan sortie?


Thinking Pinoy aka TP can only write “Ayy” as caption of the videos uploaded by a certain Gil Holgado III to show the netizens what he witnessed at Sts. Peter & Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, Tuguegarao City while Leni Robredo was addressing the crowd of supporters.


Holgado wrote a caption to introduces his videos:

Ang Daming Tao Kanina sa Cathedral. #ItsAPrank!

This is what I saw while Leni was speaking in front of Cagayanos!


Netizens offered their own explanation why only a sparse crowd were in attendance when Leni Robredo was in Tuguegarao Cathedral.

Netizen #1 commented that the concert was in the evening so it was expected only a few were in attendance because the celebrity guests were on the way just like the excursionists.

Sa gabi pa kasi ang concert. Wala pa sa daytime ang mga celebrities at nasa byahe pa ang naka field trips.

Netizen #2 who claimed to lived nearby the Cathedral said only a few people went there, mostly students who were allowed by their parents to attend the event.

Tp maliit lng yang harap ng cathedral actually,,taga jn po aq,,atsaka puro studyante halos ang pumnta kc my waiver na binigay ng school sa parents ng mga studyante

Netizen #3 commented that only a few people attended the rally because the parents’ consent scheme was exposed.

Nabuking kase yung parents consent kaya kokonti lng cla🤣🤣majority sa aming cagayanos marcos loyalist..Damdama cguro rabii agijai tga isabela met mapan djai alcala🤣🤣

In the absence of the celebrity endorsers, don’t expect the crowd to come.

Pagwala o wala pa yung mga hakot na mga artista, asahan na na lalangawin si Ina Nila. 😂😅🤣

Crowds immediately dispersed after checking of attendance and photo ops said another netizen.

Tapos na daw po checking of attendance at picture taking 😂😂😂

Meanwhile, Tiktok videos taken during the same event showed that the crowd did not disperse yet before and when Leni Robredo arrived at the Tuguegarao Cathedral where the rally was held. The crowd only started walking away while Leni Robredo delivered her campaign speech.

@dra_icari #solidnorthisaprank ♬ Leni Kiko Laban – Agat & Agel Mor & Morfam
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Source: Gil Holgado III