Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Netizen says miting de avance of BBM-Sara vs Leni-Kiko is real gauge of the groundswell of support not rallies


Social media influencer and writer of Manila Bulletin Krizette Chu believed that the true measure of the strength of the presidential candidate can be seen during the miting de avance and she can’t wait for that day to come.


Chu said that Pink rallies are attracting huge crowd because Leni’s supporters are very dedicated. They are very eager to make sure BBM’s victory is prevented.

Chu conceded that almost all rallies of Leni-Kiko are well-attended because Kakampinks are so eager to show their strength and attend. Anywhere wherein a driving distance, expect a Kakampink to go there and make themselves counted.

Chu concluded that having seen BBM’s massive rally in Cavite, she is thrilled to see how the two parties will perform at the miting de avance.

Here’s how netizens react.

Netizen #1 disagreed with Chu’s assertion that miting de avance is the true measure of the strength of the support of presidential candidates. He said it’s the caravan.

Sa caravan na nagkakaalaman now kaso ayaw nila ng ganon gusto photo ops pa rin hahaha kasi nga naman nakahakot na sila non from all over driving distance sa location para dumog kuno hahaha tapos di naniniwala sa survey eh dito lang sami isurvey nila halos bbm lahat milang na milang lang ang mink hahaha 😛

This is echoed by another netizen who said a moving caravan is the test of the real strength of the supporters because people go out to see the presidential candidate and you can be sure they are really from that place. The same cannot be said of crowd in one venue wherein they can be easily brought in from other places by buses.

Depende din kasi sa venue. I’m sure kung same venue, the Pinks will make sure na mapupuno nila, kasehodang manggaling pa ng Naga ang mga tao hahaha. Para sa akin, ang basehan talaga ay sa moving caravan. Dun mo makikita na lumalabas talaga ang mga tao to see the candidates, hindi yung hahakutin lang sila sa venue. Yung sa caravan kasi, yung mga taong yun mismo ay taga dun sa lugar.

Netizen #2 agreed with Chu’s assertion that Pink rallies are well attended, no jampacked because many fenks are enjoying the field trips.

madami tlg umattend na mga Fenk.. gawin ba nmn field trip destination ang Emerald Ave eh.. kaya sa May 9..wag kalimutan magsuot ng RED TSHIRT. baka mgkroon nnmn ng magic eh

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

Madami ang Pinks sa rallies kasi dedicated sila kay Leni. Very frantic to make sure BBM doesn’t win.


Madaming Kakampinks na halos lahat ng rally nag a-attend. Pasig, attend. QC, attend. Cavite, attend. Anywhere that’s drivable distance, attend.

You know saan magkaka alaman kung gaano talaga kalakas ang support?

Sa miting de avance, kasi bawal umulit ng tao, malalaman ang totoong swell of the crowd.

Having seen BBM’s massive rally in Cavite, and that’s just Cavite, I am excited to see how the two parties will fare come the final campaign rally.


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