Thursday, March 24, 2022

The best man for a job is not a woman. The best man for a job is a Filipino - Davaoeño netizen reacts to VP Leni Robredo's pet campaign pitch


Leni Robredo and her supporters have always been quoted that the best man for the job is a woman.


If you ask Davaoeno content creator and social media influencer Chito Samontina, Leni Robredo’s campaign pitch is self-serving?

In a Facebook post published this afternoon, Samontina isn’t buying Robredo’s catchy slogan.

According to Samontina, the best man for the job is not a woman but a Filipino.

Samontina wrote that regardless of gender, if you can’t rally your people to work as one, or worse, promote disunity, you will never be fit for the job.

Samontina believed that Filipinos are wiser now than before and knows how to choose a leader who put country above self-interest.

Samontina urged Robredo to act Filipino not act like a saint.

Samontina coaxed Robredo to organize rallied without the need to resort to badmouthing her rivals. Otherwise, the more she bark, she sounded more desperate.

Looking at the 4,000+ reactions in just 5 hours, it seems Chito Samontina’s message has hit the nail right on its head.

Netizen # 1 commented that the issue is not about the gender of the candidate but whether his/heart beats for the the general public not for the few with vested interest.

The candidates qualifications is not about gender but who has the heart to listen, craft laws that’s for the benefit of the general populace not for the few. A leader who works without bad mouthing anyone with or without the lenses of the camera.


Netizen #2 shared a powerful saying for Robredo to ponder upon.

Very well said! Louder kuys Chito Samontina👏📣 ” As the saying goes ; Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter. “❤️💚

You may now read Samontina’s original FB post below.

The best man for a job is not a woman. The best man for a job is a Filipino.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you don’t lead your people to work together or worse, encourage your people to hate, you will never be fit for the job.

The Filipino people are no longer blind, they are now wise enough to determine a leader who prioritizes nation before self interest. “Tayo” dili “ako”.

Magpaka-Pilipino. Dili magpaka-santo. That’s old school.

Anyway, may we organize rallies without the need to bad-mouth other parties. Make it clean. The more you bark, the more you sound desperate.


Source: Chito Samontina