Friday, March 25, 2022

This anti-Leni Robredo lawyer says Kris A's presence in Leni-Kiko rally in Tarlac gives the lie to Robredo's distancing to the yellow brand


Kris Aquino’s appearance in the Leni-Kiko rally in Tarlac has been one of the most talked topics in the internet lately.


Critics of the Leni-Kiko tandem wasted no time in coming up with their own interpretation of Kris Aquino’s endorsement of Leni-Kiko tandem.

Atty. Trixie of the Luminous commented on her FB page that Kris Aquino’s endorsement of Leni Robredo for President runs counter to Robredo’s pronouncement that she is running as an independent and not as LP.

If I may add, Robredo can deny she is going back to LP’s arms but the public will see it differently.

Atty. Trixie stated that Robredo chose to run an independent because she thought it was the best shot at uniting the Opposition but we already know what happened, right?

Atty. Trixie ended the brief FB commentary by throwing shade at Robredo dropping the Yellow color and chose pink as a way of distancing herself from the LP brand but the latest development in the campaign trail says otherwise.

Here are some of the entertaining comments from netizens.

Netizen #2 called Leni Robredo the new version of Keso de Bola.

Leni ROBREDO is the New version of Keso de Bola… PINK OUTSIDR but very YELLOW INSIDE down to its core…

Netizen #2 commented that LP was merely rebranding after the 2019 election debacle.

nag re-branding lng nmn cla dahil sa otso deretso sa inidoro last 2019 election. naging kulay pink!

Meanwhile, netizen #3 belied that Tarlac is pink.

Bakit iniinsist nila na ang tarlac ay pink. Taga Tarlac ako. Mga nagpunta doon sa rally nanggaling sa iba’t ibang munisipalidad sa tarlac. Bawat munisipalidad may mga mangilan ngilan na nagpunta doon. Kapag pinagsama sama mo talagang makikita mo madami sila pero hindi ibibilang ang mga iyon sa mga bontante. Karamihan dito sa amin maka BBM. Isang family puro BBM at may maiba man paisa isa lang na makaLeni, makaPing, makaManny. Pero halos lahat dito BBM. Yung iba silent lang.

You may now read Atty. Trixie’s brief FB post below.


Kris Aquino’s presence in the Tarlac pink rally gives the lie to Robredo’s distancing to the yellow brand.

Robredo ran as independent to have a shot at uniting the opposition.

But its hard to take the yellow out of the pink veneer. Tapal lang talaga.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan