Friday, March 25, 2022

Self-confessed British fan tells Kris Aquino to respect Filipinos who prefer BBM as President according to majority of surveys


A self-confessed British fan of Kris Aquino wrote an open letter to tell the multimedia star to respect the wishes of the Filipino people.


Malcolm Conlan began by expressing how the sight of a thin and frail looking Kris when she appeared at the Leni-Kiko rally in Tarlac recently deeply saddened her.

Conlan wishes nothing but good health for Kris and her family.

But pleasantries aside, Conlan told Kris that based on the majority of the surveys, Filipinos prefer Senator Marcos over the other presidential aspirants and she should respect that.

Conlan also believed in BBM’s message of unity and restoring Philippine pride is the best for the country.

You may now read Conlan’s open letter.

Dear Ma’am Kris Aquino, I was deeply saddened to see how thin and frail you appeared at your recent appearance at the Ma’am VP Leni-Sir Kiko political rally earlier today in Tarlac.

I know that you must be going through a lot right now. I do pray for your good health and speedy recovery ma’am.

I really do wish you the very best sincerely. I am a fan of your movies and showbiz work. Feng Shui was one of my best Filipino movies ever. So powerful, dramatic as well as spine tingling. I sincerely pray for your health and that of your family, I have no doubt you are an incredible mother to your wonderful children and a strong woman.

But, here’s the but, with the greatest respect ma’am, I know how you must feel, but I sincerely believe you should respect the will of the Filipino people. Last time I checked ma’am, the majority according to the surveys were for Senator BBM. I do believe in his message of restoring Philippine pride and unity, that he is the best for the country. Take care ma’am and God Bless po. ❤️💚

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Source: Malcolm Conlan