Wednesday, April 20, 2022

FEU Political Science and International Relations instructor explains why he will vote BBM mainly because of two reasons


A netizen named Jan Suing, a Political Science and International Relations instructor at FEU (Far Eastern University) said he will vote BBM for President because of two reasons: 1. his platforms 2. pro-Constitutional reform stance.


But before that, he slammed those who are angry at Marcos but they also forgot the legacy of the Liberal Party: Yolanda, Laglag Bala, MRT, EDSA traffic, Mamasapano etc. etc. He said he used to work in the media during the Aquino regime that s why he can’t forget those LP legacy.

Suing said those who are anti-Marcos have no moral high ground because they will vote for the Liberal party puppet. You will win if the people likes you. He advised the LP not to employ drama to win.

On netizens who are anti-BBM because they have bad memories of Martial law? Jan Suing acknowledged their trauma but he said our country is facing many problems that needs solutions which he thinks cannot be solved by Leni whom he said is Uncle Sam’s puppet, no charisma and political will and cannot even unite the opposition.

Jan Suing revealed that BBM will get his vote because of his platforms and pro-Constitutional reform stance. Martial Law is a non-factor for him. What is important is now, he said.

Jan Suing concluded the FB post urging netizens to move forward from the Martial law issue.

You may now read Jan Suing’s original FB post below.

galit sa ginawa ni marcos pero nakalimutan ang legacy ng liberal party. yolanda. laglag bala. mrt. edsa traffic. mamasapano. etc. etc. nagtrabaho ako sa media noong panahon ng rehimeng aquino di ko yan makakalimutan.

walang moral high ground ung mga ayaw kay marcos pero iboboto naman ang liberal party puppet. mananalo kung sino ang gusto ng tao. wag idaan sa drama.

masama ang experience mo noong martial law? sige. pero may mga problema ang pilipinas sa kasalukuyan ng kailangang solusyonan. tbh, di yan kayang solusyonan ng lutang na manikang de susi ni uncle sam na sobrang anemic ng charisma at political will, di man lang napag-unite ang oposisyon. haha.

iboboto ko si bbm dahil sa plataporma nya, lalu na dahil pro-constitutional reform sya. and sorry to say, di factor sa desisyon ko ang martial law. whats important to me (and apparently millions of other filipinos) is NOW.

sorry but its time to move forward.


Source: Jan Suing