Thursday, April 21, 2022

International Relations expert says Leni Robredo is #1 Sinungaling after VP wrote she was an Economics professor at Universidad de Sta. Isabel?


International relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot took to Facebook to ask netizens if they agree with her assertion that Leni Robredo is the #1 sinungaling (liar) for claiming she worked as an Economics professor while earning her law degree in the Universidad de Sta. Isabel.


To the uninitiated like me and you, we see nothing wrong with Leni Robredo’s claim in her biography that she worked as an Economics Professor.

But to someone like Sasot, Leni’s claim that she was an Economics professor is a huge question mark.

Why? Sasot explained that for someone to be called a Professor in a university in the Philippines, one should have at least a Master’s degree in Economics. She added that to have a rank and the title Professor attached to your name, you need to have a PhD.

Sasot remarked that it’s either Leni is lying in her biography or the Universidad de Sta. Isabel has a very low standard for its professors.

Sasot’s assertion was supported by Michael Barrios Batu, an Economics graduate at De La Salle University who was also a former Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Windsor.

I think she could have been an “instructor” given her qualifications at the time. This is a classic case of usurpation of academic titles. Goes to show the great lengths people do to get elected. Heck I have a doctorate and two masters degrees in Economics yet I still use the title of “Assistant Professor”.

Another netizen agreed with Sasot’s assertion that Leni is either lying in her biography or Universidad de Sta. Isabel has a very low standard.

You need to have master’s degree or higher to teach in college / university. To be a professor it’s required to have a doctor’s degree and write a book based on your expertise or field of specialization.

This netizen said that in the Philippines, you do not PhD to become a professor.

In the Philippines, you do not need PhD to become professors. I even have professors in the university who doesn’t have their Masters yet. Although, they are required to pass their Master degree during the course of their teaching.

You may now read Sass Sasot’s original FB post below.

#1 Sinungaling?

According to the biography of Leni Robredo, she was an “Economics professor at the Universidad de Sta. Isabel from 1987 to 1997, a job she took on while earning her degree in law. “



Question: How can she be a professor of Economics when she doesn’t even have a master’s degree in Economics? You need a PhD in order to have a rank of a professor in the academe! It’s either Leni is LYING in her biography OR Universidad de Sta. Isabel has VERY LOW standard for its professors…Pick your choice.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot