Thursday, April 28, 2022

Netizen involved in Baguio Public Market "shouting incident" speaks up, calls News5 liar for peddling fake news, denies confrontation with Jillian Robredo


The “lady vendor” who starred in the Jillian Robredo viral video in Baguio City Public Market turned out to be a guy and has gone public to air his side on the story.


The netizen who allegedly heckled Jillian Robredo was forced to come out in the open because of what he called fake news peddled by News5.

According to Cliff Lewis, the group of Jillian Robredo blocked the path of the public market.

Lewis recalled so many people were in a rush, and that included him. They pleaded to Jillian Robredo’s group to make way for them but to their chagrin, their pleas were ignored.

Lewis clarified that he did not see Leni Robredo’s daughter Jillian Robredo and did not have a confrontation with Jillian Robredo contrary to News5 claim.

Lewis said that he had a verbal exchange with one of Jillian Robredo’s entourage in the Baguio City Public market.

Lewis narrated that the shouting matching started when he asked the Robredo supporter to let him pass the blocked path. Here’s the exact words of Lewis to the Robredo supporter and the reply that apparently triggered him to answer back in a not so nice way.

“Noong sinabi ko po na ‘excuse po, padaan po kasi nagmamadali ako’ ang sagot sakin ay ‘wala akong pakialam, ang importante ay iboto mo si Leni.’”

So Lewis shouted back: Ay ganun po ba. Di pa nanalo si Madam Leni, naging diktatorya na kayo. Bintang kayo ng bintang ng diktatorya, hindi pala, kayo ang diktatorya.

At this juncture, another Leni supporter, a lady in her 50s accompanied by two policemen, approached them and pointed her fingers at him.

Lewis told the 50ish woman not to make duro-duro (point finger in a aggressive manner) because he is a an Igorot while you are a visitor in the city.

Lewis said the verbal exchange was abruptly cut short because the two policemen intervened.

Lewis remarked that he would not have reacted that way if the Leni supporters were not rude and just let left them go about their business.

Lewis said an apology statement is not in order there was nothing to apologize. He believed he was just making a stand of he thinks is right.

Lewis called out News5, calling them liars for splicing the video and make it appear he shouted at Jillian Robredo which he strongly denied.


Here’s the video when Cliff Lewis had confrontation with the 50ish lady.


Source: Cliff Lewis