Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Netizen to Aika Robredo who urges supporters to move on: You started this, finish it. Where is the video? Then you can move on


According to Manila Bulletin, Aika Robredo simply shrugged off the alleged malicious video fabricated by the Marcos camp to destroy the presidential bid of her mother, VP Leni Robredo.


Instead, Aika urged the Kakampinks to move on and join her in house to house campaign and focus on the job of convincing BBM voters to shift allegiance to her mother.

Meanwhile, a certain Carlo de Leon isn’t amenable to the idea of Aika Robredo and the Kakampinks walking away after accusing BBM and his camp of masterminding the malicious video when the clamor to produce the evidence snowballed, they suddenly have cold feet and wants the public to move on.

De Leon, in an emphatic tone, dared Aika and the Kakampinks to finish what they started by producing the video before we all move on.

Hold on. Not so fast.

Let me get this right. First, you bring up the issue of the alleged sex video; you accuse your opponent of fabricating lies and fake news. Then when the clamor to produce the evidence (sex video) started, you suddenly say, “tara na! Focus tayo”.

You started this, finish it. Where is the video? Then you can move on.

De Leon’s dare to Aika and the Kakakmpinks to produce the alleged video first before moving is also echoed by netizens.

Tamaaaaaa. Ilabas ang resibo since sila din naman ang mahilig sa resibo. 😂😂

Yes, where’s the video para maimbestigahan. 😂

Wow! So strong nmn this girl! She can just move on after a scandal? Bcoz it isn’t true! Ito ang isa pang Resibo na Nuknukan kayo ng sinungaling!


Bilis maka-recover… Parang biogesic lang.. Bilis ng epekto

Kasi hindi totoong may video. Buking na naman.

Imbento lang para mka kuha sympatia. Desperate move nanaman

This netizen aptly described the propaganda of the Kakampinks in one sentence.

Backfired propaganda!


Source: Carlo de Leon