Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Netizen to BBM supporters: If you don't want to get harassed, don't jog at UP Oval. Read why!


If jogging or walking is your thing and you live near the UP Diliman campus, do think twice before you wander in that area, especially if you are BBM-Sara supporter and wearing one of their merchandises like a BBM-Sara face mask is your way of expressing your support, you are warned!


A 5-minute video showing a male jogger getting accosted by a woman claiming to be a Martial law victim for wearing BBM mask while doing his thing in the UP Diliman campus has been making the rounds on Facebook.

But kudos to the BBM supporter for not losing his cool though you can tell that he was quite annoyed by the unwelcome intrusion of his space by the anti-Marcos woman.

For that, he has earned the praise of netizens as shown in the comments below.

Netizen #1 lauded the jogger for staying calm despite the harassment for simply expressing his support for BBM while jogging.

salute to the guy despite of disrespect he received from the so called RIGHTEOUS INDIVIDUAL, he still managed to calm. kaya hindi man lang kayo mangalahati eh! tapos suportado pa ng…. ewan!

Netizen #2 also praised the guy for showing how different the standard of the BBM-Sara supporters from the Kakampink.

Good job sir. Mas pinakita mo na iba ang standard ng BBM Sara At supporters nila..Sila punong puno ng galit at inggit tyo chill lng💚❤️

Netizen #3 can only describe the video in one word “unreal”.

Unreal. Kudos to kuya for keeping his cool. Kung ibang tao yan bka pumutok na ugat ni ate 😆

Here are some the negative reactions of netizens in relation to the behavior of the woman towards the jogger who happens to be a BBM supporter.

this is pure harrassment. Dapat pina police yan, parang sa kanya buong Pilipinas🙄

This is invading safe space. Nag-jojogging lang yung tao eh.

Known Duterte vlogger Andrew Olivar invited fellow BBM supporters for a jog at UP.

Tara guys jogging tayo bukas sa UP.. magmask tayo ng BBM tapos hanapin natin si ate tapos tabihan natin sya..Wala lang Para madami sya kausap

This netizen did not fail to notice the irony of the attitude of the anti-Marcoses.


Same people who would tell you to exercise your right to vote, except you must only vote for their candidate. 🤣

Meanwhile, this netizen said he has nothing but sympathy for them because they are just victims of narratives peddled by a political group.

At this point I’m no longer so pissed at these kinds of people (i.e. hardcore kakampinks). I tend to lean more towards pitying them. Look how scared she is of BBM. She has been so conditioned by a political group’s certain narrative that she barks at strangers, who’s not even doing anything to her, like a wild dog in defense mode. Now she can’t go anywhere without seeing the ghosts that her manipulators told her about. Fear is so deeply inculcated in her that she is so terrorized by mere sight of a facemask design.


Source: The Imperial Patriarch




Aldus said...

Sinungaling naman yung babae. Ang sabi nya, martial Law victim daw sya. Gusto syang barilin ni Marcos nung EDSA Rev. Hellooooo!!! 1972 to 1981 po ang Martial Law at 1986 naman ang EDSA rev. Ako harrass-in nya, magtatae ng kahihiyan yang babaeng yan.