Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Netizen's emphatic "I am not dumb" answer to the "Why BBM?" question of Leni supporters goes viral


A Facebook page named The Taray Chronicles has, in my opinion, answered the $1-million question that is burning in the minds of the Kakampinks why BBM is a shoo-in to win the presidential election in May 2022 for consistently leading all national surveys, even before he filed his certificate of candidacy.


BBM never relinquished this lead just 2 weeks before election day.

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza reposted the article of The Taray Chronicles on his FB page, easily garnering 15,800+ reactions, 1,200 comments and 3,200 shares in just 24 hours and counting.

Basically, the writer said that he choose BBM over Leni, Manny and Isko because he is not dumb. He said he may not be intelligent like the Leni supporters or those who have been calling BBM supporters TANGA, BOBO and GAGO since we elected Duterte in 2016, but the he is not as dumb like the Leni supporters who would rather choose a PUPPET to lead the country because of hatred of the Marcoses.

You may now read the original article below.


Because I am not DUMB.

I may not be matalino like you, you, or you who have been calling us TANGA BOBO and GAGO since we elected a BARDAGUL into the presidency in 2016, but I am not as BoBoMo as you who would rather choose a PUPPET to lead this country due to hatred towards Marcos.

Hate is the absence of reason, and rational thinking goes out the window when vested interest walks in.

Don’t tell me it is due to patriotism, love of country and all that crap. You call prohibiting the Philippine flag in rallies a patriotic gesture?

Don’t tell me she has a mind of her own. Why would she allow herself to shamelessly suit up and do stuff fit for a tin man getting lost in a merry-go-round?

As the adorable little girl admonishing her parents and wagging a finger for teasing her “Leni kami, Leni kami” would say — “No, no, no! B-B-M.” Tykes know better than adults sometimes.

Why BBM?

Because despite what the haters, detractors, black propagandists, bashers, trolls and the mindless say about him over and over like they only live for it — he is a decent human being, just like you and me, without the blinders. Just take a look at the family he has raised and nurtured. Do they look anything like the Addams Family?

He may not be as brilliant and as visionary as his father ever was, but he has the Marcos genes nonetheless and he will steer the country based on the road map that Marcos Sr. started and President Duterte has wisely picked up.

He is well-rounded and widely-read like his sister the senator. Machiavelli? Sun Tzu? Hawking? Black holes? Quantum physics? Geopolitics? Try watching his old fast-talk videos, you’d be surprised how well versed he is on a range of topics that we average humans have only a tiny bit of understanding.

You judge him for his “past”? Let me ask you — are you the same person today as you were in your youth? No, because you grew up, you learned about things, you experienced life’s ups and downs, you threw away the bad links and moved on to make something of yourself. So why sit in judgment over another person’s “history”? Don’t you have your own baggage to strut around?

Why have the Loyalists stayed with the Marcoses through the years? Many have grown old, but they still carry the torch, so to speak. Passed on to their brood who are only too happy to oblige. That is a conundrum only they can answer, and which every other political dynasty would wish they have.


The words that you rattle off to destroy his character? Might boomerang on you, careful, careful. A person who takes all the slings and arrows directed at him without a whimper is not a sign of weakness at all. There is a Biblical explanation to that, and ye decent, self-righteous people even have a prayer for it. Right?

So, why BBM?

Because I believe in what he and Inday Sara are offering to the Filipino people. UNITY. CONTINUITY. PRIDE OF RACE.

Why not Leni? Or Isko? Or Manny?

Because I am not dumb. And i wouldn’t have my Motherland run like hell and fed to the beasts by a SIMPLETON.

The TARAY Chronicles


Source: Jay Sonza