Monday, April 25, 2022

Robin Padilla to BBC correspondent who tried to ambush interview BBM: Do not act, speak nor ask like you are our master and we are your slaves


Actor and senatorial candidate Robin Padilla isn’t very happy how arrogant and disrespectful BBC correspondent Howard Johnson when he tried to do an ambush interview of Bongbong Marcos in the campaign trail.

A hugely disappointed Padilla said he is an avid follower of BBC News because he likes their human interest story, specially historical facts.


Moving forward, Padilla reminded Mr. Johnson that BBM, the soon-to-be president is the most serious presidential candidate in this 2022 polls.

BBC “was” very good in research, Padilla wrote.

The senatorial aspirant earnestly believe that Mr. Johnson can make this “was and is” if only he will spend time and effort to watch BBM’s past interviews.

Padilla said if Mr. Johnson will pay attention to the questions thrown at BBM, he will realize that their questions are similar to his – they are but a joke. Provocative.

Turned out, Padilla was just heating up.

From this point, gave Mr. Johnson a good tongue-lashing he will not forget in his career as a foreign correspondent. Just kidding.

Padilla reminded Mr. Johnson the classic “respect begets respect” saying. Meaning?

If he wants a serious interview with BBM, he must give the respect and courtesy befitting a soon-to-be president, Padilla said.

And, Mr. Johnson must speak, act nor ask like he was the master and Filipinos are his slave.


Padilla remarked that Mr. Johnson is a foreigner in the Philippines.

We have a culture here and as long as he is here, he must like a foreigner and a visitor.

You may now read Robin Padilla’s FB post below.

Mr Howard
I’m an avid follower of BBC news
Why? Because your news agency has always been responsible in covering human interest specially historical facts.
My soon to be president Bongbong Marcos is the most serious presidential candidate in this 2022 elections.
BBC “was” very good in research.
I fervently believe that only you can make this “was an is” if only you will have the time and effort to watch his past interviews.
Just like all other questions being thrown to him now similar to yours is a joke.

If you want to have a serious interview with him, Give him the respect and the courtesy.
Do not act, speak nor ask like you are our master and we are your slaves.
Respect begets respect.
You are a foreigner in our beloved country.
We have a culture here.
As long as you are here.
Act like a foreigner and a visitor.
Assalamu alaikum
Assalamu alaikum

You may watch the video of BBC correspondent Howard Johnson of his ambushed interview of BBM below and judge for yourself if Robin Padilla’s scolding of the BBC correspondent is justified.


Source: Robin Padilla