Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Retired AFP General reveals subtle message of joint Moreno-Lacson-Gonzales presscon


Retired Air Force General Romeo V. Poquiz offered a eyebrow-raising theory regarding the joint press conference of presidential candidates, Ping Lacson, Isko Moreno and Norberto Gonzales held at a hotel in Makati.


In a Facebook post entitled “The Subtle Message”, Gen. Poquiz that press con of the above-mentioned candidates was an implicit, clever and subtle withdrawal and their endorsement of BBM. The General added it was not just an endorsement but an open support of Marcos.

Poquiz added that BBM’s rivals cannot just openly endorse BBM for fear their respective supporters will not receive the news favorably. The General praised the three gentlemen for the expertly delivered message. He called this graceful exit in the military.

You may read the original FB post below of Air Force General Romeo Poquiz.

The Subtle Message

To the uninitiated, the joint press conference of Lacson, Domagoso and Gonzales was held just to show their abhorrence of Robredo’s deceitful ways and their individual commitment not to withdraw but finish the race.

To the trained eye, however, the candidates’ open and coordinated abomination of Robredo is an implicit, clever, and subtle withdrawal and their endorsement of frontrunner Marcos. In fact, it was not just an endorsement but an open support for Marcos. The soldier that he is, Lacson, kept his head high and integrity intact while giving up. So were the other candidates in that forum.

The candidates, of course, cannot openly admit their withdrawal and shift support to an opponent. They might be treated unkindly by their supporters if they do so. They must, therefore, continue on with the fight, however hopeless it seems. But their individual message was expertly delivered. In the military, it is termed graceful exit.


That being the case, expect more Robredo supporters dumping her while supporters of the other candidates will shift support to Marcos.

With the way things are shaping up, this election is proving to be the most lopsided contest for a multi-party system. It will not anymore be a landslide 60% majority vote, but a super landslide 85% of the total votes in favor of Marcos.

So, Leni, kindly say again who will cheat in the election?


Source: Romeo V. Poquiz