Saturday, May 14, 2022

Angry Pinoy-at-heart Brit slams Project Nightfall's in open letter, accuses vlogger of Pinoy baiting for engagement and make money out of Pinoys


Pinoy-at-heart British national Malcolm Conlan wrote an open letter calling out Project Nightfall after video showing BBM and supporters in a bad way circulates online.


Conlan wrote he was contacted by Pinoy netizens over Project Nightfall’s biased video whom he said was created solely for engagement and of course to make money out of the Filipinos.

Conlan, being a foreigner but deeply connected with the Philippines and its people because he is married to a Filipina and father of half-Filipino kids, believed it is within his right to challenge Project Nightfall over its content which projected Marcos supporters look bad and in some cases even violent.

Conlan took special notice of the blurred faces of the people interviewed in the said video because it makes the Filipinos, from both sides look bad before the international community. Of course, Conlan said he understood the need of people to remain anonymous but but saying blurring the faces was done out of security concerns make the Filipinos from both camps look bad.

In addition, Conlan wrote that Project Nightfall’s video was clearly not balanced by showing more of the anti-Marcos videos than pro-Marcos videos. Also, Conlan slammed Project Nightfall for saying there was cheating going on in the Philippine election which is false because the local media has already reported the electronic tally has been 100% accurate after the receipts of election return tally were checked.

Conlan said Project Nightfall’s video clearly reinforced the biased views of those netizens against the next President or the Philippines, a President who was democratically elected by over 30 million Filipinos!!!

AN OPEN LETTER TO Project Nightfall,

Dear sir,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you personally?

You may not know me, but like you I am a foreigner who happens to love the Philippines and her people very much. In my case I have visited the country over 50 times spanning three decades. My wife and children are Filipino, as are my in laws and godchildren.

I fundamentally believe that as foreigner but with a Filipino family, it’s my duty to support and stand up for the Philippines and her people as and when necessary.

I have been contacted today by a number of concerned netizens over your somewhat biased video which clearly through the number of views it has been receiving and engagement, including stars which are a way of earning money on Facebook, combined with the professional editing of your video and work you have clearly put into it, I have no doubt that you will be making money out of it and you obviously intended for it to go viral.

I believe therefore I am quite within my rights to challenge you on its content as well as allegations you have included within the said video and the way you have clearly edited the video to make Marcos supporters look bad and in some cases even violent.

Firstly, you have blurred out the faces of all those you have interviewed, of course people are quite within their right to remain anonymous, I do get that. But your message about needing to blur out faces as ‘as some people are worried for their lives’ makes Filipinos from both sides look bad.

Your video is clearly not balanced, there are a lot more videos anti-Marcos than pro-Marcos. You also seem to claim that there has been some kind of travesty or cheating going on. As reported in the media in the Philippines, upon sample checks of ballots, the electronic tally has been 100% accurate.

Clearly you reinforce the biased views of those netizens against the next President or the Philippines, a President who was democratically elected by over 30 million Filipinos!!!

The United States, Canada, UK, China and many other world leaders and countries have commented that the elections were democratic and without incident. So why focus on one or two local claims of election irregularities and blow it up to look like widescale election fraud. This is irresponsible.

As you say you are a foreigner and you have no right, I agree. You have no right to make money out of your clearly biased and one-sided narrative against the incoming 17th president of the Philippines.

Clearly you have not even fully researched or paid much attention to details as you have even called sir Bong Bong Marcos, ‘Marcus Jr’. Don’t tell me this is automatic subtitles either, as you have highlighted some of them in red.


Of course I acknowledge the fact that you have clearly done some good work in the Philippines through helping the poor, but your unfounded worries about the fact next President are not fair. You mentioned jobs, education and poverty. I have no doubt and have watched several interviews with him to know that his heart is very much with and for the Filipino people. He has concrete plans for all the areas of concern you mentioned.

You highlight his speeches and unity and feature references to unity in your video sir, but your video seeks to divide Filipinos and I have no doubt has angered at least 30 million of them.

The Filipino people voted overwhelmingly for Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and I hope you and your team will give them a chance, rather than promoting the bias narrative against this Uniteam by some netizens.

Thank you sir for once again. I await your response and I hope apology, which I am officially requesting.

Kind regards,

Malcolm Conlan

Concerned Netizen and Uniteam supporter,

PS: The controversial video of Project Nightfall has been deleted on Facebook and in YouTube.

London UK