Saturday, May 14, 2022

Netizen burns Senator re-elect Risa Hontiveros who said Sara Duterte can't be next DepEd Sec because she is no education expert?


In the wake of the news that the presumptive President Bongbong Marcos appointed presumptive Vice President as the next DepEd Secretary, just re-elected Senator Risa Hontiveros issued a statement saying to the effect that the next DepEd Secretary should be an Education expert.


In that regard, Rocky Marciano, a staunch supporter of the BBM-Sara tandem wasted no time in demolishing Senator Risa Hontiveros’ assertion that Sara is not qualified to head the Department of Education because she is not an education expert.

Marciano cited mark Villar, Art Tugade and Roy Cimatu of the Duterte admin as prime examples that Senator Hontiveros argument that you need to be an expert of the government department to be an effective head.

But wait until the last part…Marciano told Hontiveros to examine herself before she opens her mouth. Why? Marciano said Hontiveros isn’t even a lawyer or even a political scientist but a journalist. What are you doing in the senate? Marciano asked Hontiveros.

Marciano pointed out to Hontiveros that a Cabinet job is an administrative job. As long as an appointee have managerial skills and experience qualifies him/her for the job.

You may now read Rocky Marciano’s original FB post below.

Mark Villar is not a Civil Engineer. He’s an MBA graduate. He was appointed as DPWH Secretary. Now look around you.

Art Tugade is not a Mechanical Engineer. He’s a lawyer. He’s appointed as the Secretary of Transportation. Look how improved our transport system.

Roy Cimatu is a military man. Not a natural or environmental scientist. Look at Manila Bay and Boracay.

And many more.

And take a look at yourself. You’re not a lawyer. You’re not even a political scientist. You’re a journalist. So what are you doing there in the Senate?


A cabinet job is an administrative job. As long as you have managerial skills and experience, you are qualified for the job.


Source: Rocky Marciano