Monday, May 2, 2022

Look! Dick Gordon airs frustration in Batangas rally because they are not allowed to speak as much as they want in Leni-Kiko rally


In the Kakampinks’ Batangas campaign rally, re-electionist Senator Dick Gordon had an emotional outburst because of the limited time the senatorial candidates like him are allowed to speak plus he noticed that the crowd were not as passionate, emotional and lack of understanding what they are fighting for.


I would like to apologize because naguguluhan (confused) ako kanina. Andun ako, pinabalik ako. May medic, pinalabas ko ang Red Cross. I am sorry we not allowed to speak as much as want. That’s want concerns me.

What concerns me is nandito tayo, marami tayo. You have to know what you’re fighting for. It is not just sigaw tayo ng sigaw, but without the commitment, without the thinking, without the emotion, without the passion, we are not going to be able to beat these people. And you have to start now until May 9. Kaya natin. Kakayanin to whether you like it or not. Thank you very much at mabubuhay kayong lahat.

After Senator Gordon’s speech, the male emcee introduced re-electionist Senator Leile de Lima to the crowd, describing her as the palaban for the Filipino at hustisya.

In the background, Gordon’s voice can be heard barking at one of the emcees: Hinarangan nyo ako magsalita ako doon. Ayoko ko na pumunta dito. Heto ang mikropono. You are not sorry. You do that all the time.

Here are some of the comments of netizens on Mon Cualoping’s FB wall.

One netizen commented that he is not surprised at all of Dick Gordon throwing tantrum.

He has temper. Not the first time nag tantrums siya.

A second noted the desperation of Dick Gordon.

Triggered and Desperado na si Kuya Dick. Kahit di nila aminin nakatingin pa rin sila sa mga result ng mga Legit na Surveys. 🤣✌️❤️👊💚🇵🇭

A third was apparently amused with the implosion of the Kakampink.

Oh my, they are imploding.

A fourth urged fellow netizens not to vote for Dick Gordon.

Plastic yan! Wag nyong iboto 😭 palaki ng palaki lng yn ng tiyan nya sa senado💪


A fifth netizen found an explanation for Gordon’s tantrums.

Paano di magagalit maikli lang time nila s stage n mga kandidato mas matagal pa ang sa mga performers. Sabi na kasi concert yan intermission lang mga candidates. Hahaha


Source: Mon Cualoping