Monday, May 2, 2022

Arnell Ignacio, pinayuhan si Kim Chiu na kumuha ng spokesperson para di na sya sumabit?


On YouTube, DA Arnell Ign (Arnell Ignacio) described Kim Chiu as someone with a very colorful personality because she has the knack for asking the most intriguing questions which keep the public hanging while you are asking.


And Kim Chiu’s latest intriguing question is asking why BBM needs a “spokesperson”.

Arnell Ignacio explained to Kim Chiu what a spokesperson does. That is, he/she speaks in behalf of someone else. The person, in this case BBM, which she wants to hear speak about an issue of public interest is very busy with other important matters that require his immediate attention.

Therefore, BBM needs someone to speak in his behalf to relay his message to the public.

Arnell Ignacio told Kim Chiu that there is nothing wrong with having a spokesperson.

Atty. Rodriguez is the spokesperson of BBM, Arnell Ignacio laughed while telling Kim Chiu.

What is wrong in Arnell Ignacio’s book is when BBM sends his spokesperson (Atty. Vic Rodriguez) to debates or personal interviews. This, Arnell Ignacio said, is wrong.

But when there are issues that do not require BBM’s personal touch the spokesperson can take care of that.

Arnell Ignacio wrapped up the video by leaving Kim Chiu with a brilliant advice – hire a spokesperson so she will stop making gaffes.

ICYMI, Kim Chiu has been the buzz lately after questioning why BBM’s spokesperson always answer, the most visible and faces the camera? She asked isn’t this the campaign period? Supposedly, Kim Chiu reckoned that the applicant is supposedly answering questions. Just like any other JOB APPLICATION or JOB INTERVIEW.

Here are some of the interesting comments of netizens below.

One netizen noted that these showbiz people likes to talk about politics like they are political analysts just because they were invited to a political rally. Kim Chiu and Melai are prime examples she said.

Itong mga artistang ito,makasama lang sa rally at makapag host ng kaunti, pagkatapos akala mo kung sinong political analyst. Yung sa PBB na sumahot MAJOHA, ang sinisi agad educational system. Itong kim chiu, nangkkwestyon pulitiko ng hindi alam mga sinasabi. Yung melai, nagpaparinig na sa rally, noong na bash na e saka pumutak. Ay nako. Maigi pang manatili kayong artista.


A second was appreciative of Arnell Ignacio for going out of his way to way to explain to Kim Chiu in Tagalog for Kim’s sake the purpose of a spokesperson.

buti naman sir arnel pinagliwanag at tinagalog mo po atlis malalaman na ni kim ung ibig sabihin ng SPOKEPERSON🤣🤣🤣


Source: DA Arnell Ign