Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ang taas talaga ng hangin mo sa katawan at feel na feel mo na gusto kang pakinggan ng tao - OFW's reaction on Leni daring BBM to a debate


A netizen named Lacruiser Relativo is figuratively rolling his eyes while reading the news article that Leni Robredo dared BBM to a one-on-one debate.


Relativo who hails from Davao and the 2021 Exceptional Bravery at Sea Awardee (seaman) remarked that Robredo thinks highly of herself and feels the public really wants to listen her talk.

Relativo argued that Leni-Kiko rallies attracted large crowds because of celebrity guests but when Leni started talking, he noted dead air…He said when Leni talked, the hype quickly died down. He urged Leni to keep reading, a swipe at Leni caught reading a teleprompter while delivering her campaign speeches.

Relativo said that since Leni is a “lawyer and economist”, hard to believe, he forced himself to listen to Leni talk.

But in the end, Relativo realized that there are more important things he should spend his time and that is not Leni.

Relativo added that Leni can’t even handle casual interviews. How much more during ambush interviews and the questions come in rapid succession, she will tell the interviewer to repeat the question because she did not quite get it.

Relativo said if it so happened Leni becomes president, the Philippines will experience education gap. He is not saying this to Leni because he is intelligent but rather he has a very sensitive ears when it comes to logic and eloquence.

Relativo agreed with what PRRD said that Leni needs a refresher not only law subjects but also in basic math, geography and cooking show.

He said the Philippines is pissed with Leni so it’s a goodbye for Leni.


VP Leni Robredo, ano na naman itong paghahamon mo ng debate kay Bongbong Marcos madam? Ang taas talaga ng hangin mo sa katawan at feel na feel mo na gusto kang pakinggan ng tao. Dumami ang audience mo dahil sa artista at kapag ikaw na ang nagsalita, dead air. . . Nakakawala ng hype. Basa pa more! Dahil sa “lawyer at economist” ka, mahirap man paniwalaan, pinilit ko pa ring pakinggan ka sa abot ng aking makakaya. Pero in the end, na realize ko na may magandang paglalaanan ng oras, at hindi ikaw yon. Hindi mo kinaya ang casual interviews. How much more mga ambush interviews at kung sunod sunod na ang mga binabatong tanong, sasabihin mong hindi mo nakuha, paki-ulit. . .Magkaka education gap ang pilipinas kung ikaw ang naging presidente. Hindi ko sinasabing matalino ako Leni pero sadyang sensitive yung taenga ko pagdating sa logic at eloquence. Tama nga si PRRD, need mo ng refresher hindi lang sa law subjects. Isama na ang basic math, geography, at cooking show. Na bubweset ang Pilipinas sa yo! Bye!


Source: Lacruiser P. Relativo