Thursday, May 12, 2022

UP Prof. Clarita Carlos reacts to Kakie Pangilinan's statement re PBBM by asking her to write 5000-word essay defending her declaration


On its Facebook page, SMNI News shared a quote card showing the side by side statements of Kakie Pangilinan and UP Prof. Clarita Carlos and read:


Kakie Pangilinan, binigyan ng assignment ni Prof. Clarita Carlos

#SMNIElectionWatch2022 #YourVoteMatters #ItuloyAngPagbabago

The UP Prof. Carlos gave Kakie an assignment because of her statement regarding BBM supporters asking Leni-Kiko supporters to accept the result of the election.

Kakie Pangilinan the “political activist” was quoted:

Sabi ng iba we have to accept defeat daw na hindi daw tayo marunong matalo. I think that the truth is, it’s not just about this election anymore.

I am not going to have my President be named Ferdinand Marcos ever again.

We all know what is right and wrong.

In that regard, UP Professor and eminent political analyst Prof. Clarita Carlos reacted to Kakie Pangilinan’s statement and read:

My dear child, I hear you but I need to understand where are you coming from?

Can you write a 5,000-word essay defending your declaration? Prof. Carlos asked Kakie.

SMNI News’ quote card is a huge hit among netizens, generating 102,000 reactions, 12,000 comments and 25,000 shares in just 6 hours and counting.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.

One netizen commented that Kakie is the prime example of a spoiled brat.

Perfect example of a spoiled brat. Leni calling for unity and acceptance amongst their supporters yet anak ni Kiko nangunguna sa rally kahapon. 😂

A second netizen told Kakie to migrate North Korea if she hates BBM.


Kung ayaw mo ng si BBM ang presidente pwede ka lumipat sa North Korea Kokie.😝Linyahan ng mga talunan, ” Ang hirap mong mahalin Pilipinas” Edi layas. Mas madami kaming hindi nahihirapan mahalin ang Pilipinas.

A third netizen said Kakie has so much attitude and always have something to say about the government. In other words, always complaining but no contribution.

This young lady so much attitude ever since she always have something to say about government. Kung saan ang kanyang ama is politician too! Dear you have a lot of concerns sa Pilipinas but you don’t have any contributions only always complaining. Dagway aning bataa feeling powerful too much freedom of speech too much publicity!!! Her parents spoils her that its okay you go talk talk para sa kabataan your such a brat bad influence! Pakialamera wala na sa lugar….

Meanwhile, this netizen defended Kakie from all the negative reactions.

She’s just expressing’s a democratic country.


Source: SMNI News