Friday, June 24, 2022

Atty. Bruce Rivera makes strong argument why our K12 program needs in-depth review


The K12 program is now trending on social media after some senators expressed support for the plan of the incoming Marcos administration to review the K12 program. [Link here]


This call for the revisit of the K12 program has been a welcomed news for parents and students who complained that the said program was just another burden and yet after finishing the K12 program, they can hardly land a job because companies are still looking for college grads, not K12 grads as minimum requirement for job applicants.

In that regard, Atty. Bruce Rivera remarked that the best way to determine whether K12 was really worth it is to conduct a quantifiable assessment. This is to compare the performance of K-12 with non K-12 students.

If there is marked difference, Atty. Bruce Rivera argued it is high time to rethink because the time and logistics do not justify the outcome we wanted to achieve.

If there is no marked difference, then we better scrap K12 and instead to focus our energy in improving the quality of instruction to produce better results, Atty. Bruce argued.

In other words, Atty. Bruce said our education system really needs an overhaul.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In looking at the program, kailangan tignan natin ang epekto nito sa mga estudyante because the purpose of the K-12 is to elevate basic education to a globally competitive level and benefit our children.

Ang tanong: did it benefit our students. Mas naging globally competitive ba ang mga graduates natin? Perhaps, a quantifiable assessment is needed to compare the performance of K-12 with non K-12 students. Kasi kung magdadagdag tayo ng dalawang taon pero wala naman marked difference sa mga graduates natin, bakit pa natin gagawin. Pinatagal lang natin ang oras kung sakali.

Clearly 10 years man o 12 years, it is not the time but the quality of the instruction that should matter.

When the K-12 was implemented, madami ang ayaw but we felt it was bitter pill to swallow for the purpose of a greater good. But two extra years of instruction should produce noticeable results. Better graduates.

So, do we have better and more globally competitive graduates now than before K-12 was implemented?

If there are no marked or noticeable difference, then we should reconsider because the time and logistics do not justify the outcome we wanted to achieve.

Look at our students now and compare them to you at the same age. If your son is 19, is he in a disposition similar to you at 19?

I know a lot of 19 and 20 year old who think like a 15-year child. I think that has become a trend. Look at social media and you will see the content created by our children. At ito ang mga content na nagviviral ha so this is what fancies their generation.

And is it just me or napakababaw ng thought process ng kabataan ngayon.

I was 19 years old before and during that time, I was already thinking about my relevance in society, trying to survive, facing the reality of my situation.

My point simply calls for a deeper look on education and its effect on our children. Do we really need the K-12? Did the two years make better students?

Or do we need to focus more on the QUALITY of the instruction to produce better results.

In an era when learning in school is less effective than learning in social media, is it a good idea to prolong education when social media is more effective in prolonging the immaturity of our children.

Education needs an overhaul. Our educators and parents are too defensive and preoccupied with their own issues to admit that something is wrong with our educational system.


If we have so many emotionally weak children who contemplate ending their lives because of gender confusion, children with maladjustment problems, intellectually stunted children, children who are arrogantly woke they think it is their opinion that only matters, children who think a little bit of military training will ruin them and children who think not knowing Gomburza is normal, then we have a problem.

If we have children who think escaping reality is solution to all our formidable problems, then perhaps we should consider this fact:

They will inherit a nation we worked so hard to build. Imagine if your child gets to lead this nation.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera