Saturday, June 25, 2022

Did ret. Lt. General Antonio Parlade just accuse fellow AFP Generals of conniving with cartels PBBM will be waging war as Commander-in-Chief?


Retired Lt. General Antonio Parlade Jr. thanked SMNI News for highlighting his ‘BBM taking the Department of Agriculture portfolio is a master stroke’ statement.


Lt. General Parlade said highlighting his statement regarding the CARTEL is a very important matter the public should know, how serious and well-entrenched the so-called CARTEL are in government.

Parlade said this is not a mere wall but a mountain as big as Mayon volcano of his beloved Bicol province. Dangerous, well-entrenched and have wide scope.

Parlade reacted to Senate President Sotto saying that the cartel is exclusive to the BOC and should be solely investigated. He asked how about their other cohorts? How about the corrupt AFP officials involved in the cartel? Especially in Western Mindanao?

Parlade sounded sure PBBM knows better. He reiterated his earlier statement regarding the cartel – they are bigger than we imagine. Even bigger than the elephant in the room just like what VP Leni said, the Senate room.

Parlade revealed that the cartel knows only speaks one language and that is – you are either IN or OUT and you are TEAM player.

Parlade commented that PBBM’s political will be put to the test.

Parlade ended the FB post by giving PBBM an assurance that he and the Filipino people will be behind him.

You may now read Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade’s original FB post below.

Salamat SMNI News sa pag highlight ng post ko.

Importanteng malaman at maintindihan ng taong bayan kung gaano ka seryoso at kalalim ang tinatawag na CARTEL.

Hindi ito pader. Bundok ito kasing laki ng Mayon volcano. Mapanganib, malalim, at malawak ang nasasakupan.

Mali si Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III para isipin na BOC lang ang kasama dito na dapat imbestigahan. Paano ang mga kasamahan nito sa ibang ahensya? Paano ang mga corrupt na AFP na kasabwat dito, lalo sa Western Mindanao?


PBBM knows better. Like I said, its bigger than we imagine. Even bigger than the elephant in the room, sabi nga ni VP Leni, the Senate room.

In the cartel’s language you are either IN or OUT. Dapat TEAM player ka.

Dito masusubukan ang POLITICAL WILL ni President BBM.

We will be behind you Mr President. Mabuhay ka Pilipinas.


Source: Antonio Parlade