Friday, June 10, 2022

Lawyer hopes Dr. Clarita Carlos appointment as National Security Adviser of PBBM admin will usher end of leftist campus recruitment in state U and colleges?

Fiscal Darwin Cañete welcomed the appointment of Dr. Clarita Carlos as the incoming National Security Adviser of the PBBM administration via a Facebook post.


According to Atty. Darwin, the PBBM administration could use Dr. Carlos’ insight into leftist campus recruitment.

Hopefully, Atty. Darwin wrote, that the PBBM government is spurred to aggressively weed out the influence of the leftist groups of our state universities and colleges.

How? The solution Atty. Darwin offered in the brief FB post, I am sure has many, is to let go of faculty members who are known sympathizer of the Left asap.

Here are the comments of Atty. Darwin’s FB followers in reaction to the FB post?

One netizen seconded the motion of Atty. Darwin.

Exactly fire out professor, teachers and faculty who are enabler and party to bringing down government.

A second commented that Atty. Darwin’s recommendation isn’t new. He will only believe this if the leftist sympathizers in the faculty have been fired from their post.

A third netizen also said the same thing.

Yes! Pronto! Public funds support them, while they ruin our young. STOP THEM

I’ve heard this before. I’ll believe it when indoctrinators and propagandists in our universities have been fired from their jobs and stripped of their teaching licenses.

You may now read Atty. Darwin Canete’s original FB post below.


Dr. Clarita Carlos ‘ insight into leftist campus recruitment would hopefully spur our government to aggressively weed their influence out of our state universities and schools. We should not cede one inch of our country to become de facto safe spaces for terrorist groups. Academic freedom is not an unfettered license to tolerate insidious indoctrination. Sympathizer faculty should be booted out PRONTO!!


Source: Darwin Cañete