Friday, June 10, 2022

"What a clown." - Manila Bulletin writer on Leni Robredo saying God must love her so much she was spared from much bigger problems


In case you missed it, fellow Bicolano Edwin Jamora was one of the firsts to criticize defeated presidential candidate Leni Robredo for claiming she is grateful she lost because God was very kind to her and spare her from the huge problems that awaits President Duterte’s successor.


Another prominent Robredo critic to join the bandwagon is Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu via her FB page KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair.

According to Ms. Chu, Robredo ran for President and yet, she look at the Philippines as a huge problem.

Chu remarked this is expected if she wins, she will have to own all the problems in the Philippines.

Chu called Robredo a clown for having such mindset. She said we have to be very thankful she did not win. Chu uttered a word to describe Robredo which I deemed unnecessary because it might violate FB community standard.

Chu asked her followers to imagine saying she was spared from the monumental problems she will face as President had she won?

Netizens joined Chu in castigating Leni Robredo for saying now that in hindsight, not winning the presidential race was a blessing in disguise and God loves her so much for sparing her from a much bigger problems of the country that the President are expected to solve.

One netizen said that God did not Leni win because God wanted to spare the Filipino people from a much bigger problem had she won.

Noong tumatakbo ” lalaban tayo” atapang atao…Ngayon natalo “malaking problema ” iniwas ng diyos…parang mali yata, baka ang sambayanang pilipino ang iniwas ng diyos sa malaking problema kung si mama nanalo 🤭🤔

A second netizen agreed that the election defeat was indeed a blessing in disguise on Leni’s part because it was very obvious she was just coaxed to run by her puppeteers.

Blessing in disguise yan sa kanya dahil halata namn na napilitan lang syang tumakbo dahil yun ang utos ng mga Puppeteers nya.

A third remarked that God really loves the Filipinos hence he did let Robredo win.

God really loves the Filipinos that he spared us from Robredo presidency.

Yung tumakbo ka as President pero ang tingin mo sa Pilipinas, “mas malaking problema.”

Natural kapag nanalo ka pro-problemahin mo ang Pilipinas.


What a clown. Kaya Salamat talaga at hindi sya ang nanalo. Grabe pagka shenge shenge. Can you imagine saying “iniwas ka sa malaking problema” if you won as President?


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair