Monday, July 18, 2022

Arnell Ignacio slams historian Ambeth Ocampo who told fellow academics to reclaim socmed as space for truth: you are no academic god...


As per ABS-CBN News, historian Ambeth Ocampo lamented that he never thought he would see the day when people question things that we hold true.


Ocampo’s remark did not make everyone happy, including DA Arnell Ign, as in Arnell Ignacio of OWWA.

Actually, DA Arnell Ign was reposting the FB post of Dr. Ethel Pineda, a physician specializing in Dermatology who chided Ambeth Ocampo for what he said during his interview with Christian Esguerra that raised the eyebrows of many netizens, especially those who belong to the group who don’t subscribe to the brand of politics of Ambeth Ocampo’s camp.

Like Dr. Pineda, DA Arnell Ign (Arnell Ignacio) slammed Ambeth Ocampo, the local historian, telling him the painful truth that he is no academic god. The Deputy Admin of OWWA said that Ocampo isn’t infallible after all. He advised Ocampo not to respond to dissent by brandishing his superiority as basis for his truth notwithstanding his research.

DA Arnell added that as a researcher, Ocampo should keep an open mind to the dictates of new information that surfaces.

you are no academic god.. you cannot just respond to dissent with a stance of superiority as your basis for your “truth” notwithstanding your research, cannot be held absolutely infallible. (gumanda lang ingles sa historical research but sources are dynamic and as a researcher dapat bukas ka lagi sa maaring dikta ng bagong info)

Here are some of the comments of netizens who are mostly pro-DA Arnell Ign and critical of the local historian Ambeth Ocampo.

One netizen wrote: Totally agree!!! Arnel! What they posses is the The yellow truth!

A second netizen remarked that Ocampo reacted perhaps he authored something that is in danger of being challenged.

he is guilty maybe wrote a questionable history … a historian with one side… angyare!?

A third commenter called Ambeth Ocampo arrogant.

Indeed.. in short mayabang at masyadong magaling gumawa ng istorya or kwentong kanto…

A fourth commenter pleaded to fellow netizens to give Ocampo what he wants – publicity.

Parang nagpapansin lng naman si Sir Ocampo eh, pagbigyan nanatin


BTW, Ocampo was interviewed Christian Esguerra and made the appeal to fellow academics to reclaim social media as space for truth. You may read the ABS-CBN article by clicking the link in the photo above.


Source: DA Arnell Ign