Monday, July 4, 2022

Brave radio host tells former US Senator Hillary Clinton to please shut up on Twitter over Rappler brouhaha


Radio host Mark Lopez shared a screenshot of his response to the tweet of former US First Lady Hillary Clinton who made a comment regarding the shutdown of Rappler as order by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).


In her tweet, former US Senator and First Lady Hillary tweeted that the people of the Philippines deserve sources of news and information that will will tell the truth,

Rappler and Maria Ressa tell the truth.

Shutting the site down would be a great disservice to the country and its people, Clinton said.

Mark Lopez replied to Hillary Clinton’s tweet and told her the Philippines is a sovereign state and no longer under the US’ sorry ass of a once superpower. (Well, the US is still a Superpower but no longer the lone Superpower in the world because China is another Superpower who looks at the US eyeball to eyeball in the world stage.)

Lopez added that the US have more bigger problems to face than our Philippine democracy which is no longer their kind that she still think they should prevail.

Lopez told Hillary to please stop meddling in Philippine affairs.

Netizens who read Mark Lopez’s reply to Hillary Clinton praised the radio host for standing up to Hillary and defending the Philippines.

One netizen wrote she loves how Mark Lopez gave Hillary a tongue lashing: Ang tapang ni sir mark pero yon naman ang dapat. Kudos to you! I love it

A second thanked Lopez for standing up for the Philippines.

Nice one Mark! Thanks for standing up for our country!

A third was equally appreciative of Lopez for a job well done.

Galing galing Sir Mark! Sana pinamukha mo rin ang batas na sinalaula ng crappler sa mabahong pwet nyang lolang laylay na yan.

A fourth said that Hillary is simply seeking relevance and better keep her opinion to herself.

#HilaryClinton is not relevant anymore, she should keep her opinion to herself, bec her opinion doesn’t matter to pinoy



Source: Mark Lopez