Friday, August 26, 2022

Radio host, netizens up in arms in the internet because Bishop Soc Villegas said only truth-tellers can win the gates of heaven


Bishop Socrates Villegas on Ninoy Aquino Day:

You can win in an election but only truth-teller can win the gates of heaven.


Bishop Villegas’ message has raised the eyebrows of netizens, including radio host and vlogger Mark Lopez.

On Facebook, Lopez borrowed Bishop Soc Villegas’ logic and arrived with his own conclusion that if the latter is speaking the truth, ergo, he is banned in heaven.

Why? Lopez said Bishop Villegas is an embarrassment because he is a hypocrite and a great liar.

Lopez is awed that the Bishop isn’t having goosebumps because of his statements.

Here’s what Mark Lopez wrote on Facebook:

Therefore, unang unang banned sa heaven itong nakakahiyang pari na ito na grabe ang hypocrisy at pagka sinungaling…

Hindi na kinilabutan sa mga pinagkukuda nya…

Netizens are unanimous that Bishop Soc Villegas does not have the final say who will enter heaven but God alone.

One netizen reminded the good Bishop that only God has the absolute words of power on earth.

With all due respect po Bishop, Diyos lang po ang may absolute words of power, not anybody else here on earth.

To which another netizen agreed with the above-commenter.

You can be a priest or a bishop but only God knows who is rightful to his Kingdom. Who are we to judge others?


Nakalimot si padre…. only GOD decides & judges!!! and GOD is love!!! said another.

A fourth netizen agreed with Bishop Villegas statement but with a twist.

Exactly Father, pero hindi ikaw ang hahatol sa katotohanan. Only God can do that. You’re just a mere human being clothed in robe disguising as a preacher of God but condemns other people for acting on their own free will. 🤷


Source: Mark Lopez