Friday, August 26, 2022

Open letter to Soc Villegas: Focus on teaching faith and morals to the flock. Bring back Catholic faithful to the church to attend mass


ICYMI, Bishop Soc Villegas said something on Ninoy Aquino Day:

You can win in an elections but only truth-tellers can win the gates of heaven.


Another soul in the person of social media influencer Carlo de Leon wrote a scathing reaction post to the Ninoy Aquino Day statement of the good bishop via an open letter.

Basically, De Leon’s message to Bishop Soc is very straightforward: Leave politics to politicians and forget converting them to become truth-tellers because it is a futile exercise. Lying he said is the nature of politics.

De Leon urged Bishop Soc to focus their energy in bringing back the Catholic faithful to attend mass because according to him, only 10% attend the mass and 90% of which are ignorant of the teachings of the Catholic.

You may now read Carlo de Leon’s orginal FB post below.

Dear Bishop Soc,

Thank you for reminding us that the truth is more important than winning the elections. Please emphasize that insight to the pinks/yellows who lost in the last elections and can’t move on.

I’m sorry but politics and politicians are not aligned with the truth. That is their essence; that is their nature. They play politics.

If you genuinely want the faithful to win the gates of heaven, I suggest you teach the basics—Catechism, Christian doctrine, Apologetics, frequenting the sacraments like Holy Mass, Confession, and Communion. These I hardly hear from the clergy in the Philippines.

Bishop Soc, less than 10% of Catholics attend Church. Of the 10%, around 90% are still ignorant of Church teachings. It’s so bad that it is common for Catholic couples to get their Confirmation right before the marriage because they forgot, probably because the religious leaders were too busy teaching the faithful about politics.

Until today the average Filipino Catholic, still think pre-marital sex, extramarital sex, fornication, pornography, masturbation, impure thoughts, artificial birth control, invitro fertilization, surrogacy, and all are not sinful but very normal in today’s modern decadent world. Well, those are all mortal sins and have to be confessed. Why don’t you remind the faithful about their duty to avoid those sins and confess them with a contrite heart?

You see, Bishop Soc, there are many souls to save in the area of purity. There are only a few politicians who lie, murder and steal. Why not focus on the most committed sin: impurity.

The clergy dilutes the doctrine of purity, making it seem less of a problem, probably because they are guilty of impurities themselves. It’s a diversionary tactic of clergies who have gone astray. They become more focused on social concerns to lessen guilt as many engage in sins against purity.

You see, there are so much exaggerated concerns about temporal matters like politics and social issues; that’s the job of the laity and not the clergy.


Bishop Soc, focus on teaching faith and morals to the flock. Administer the sacraments and encourage the faithful to live a life of prayer.

The only truth I know is the Bible and revelation.

P.S. Remember the RH Bill? It was those liberal progressives who campaigned for it and Nonoy Aquino who signed it into law.


Source: Carlo de Leon