Thursday, September 1, 2022

Veteran director urges public not to be fooled by their pro-masa advocacies amid talks of collab between DSWD Sec Erwin Tulfo and Leni Robredo


The Leni Robredo visit to the office of DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo, as we all know have arouse suspicions in terms of motives among Pinoy netizens, Marcos loyalist vloggers and even pro-Duterte and PBBM sympathizer.


Veteran movie director and actor Manuel Castaneda is no exception.

In a Facebook post, Castaneda expressed his equal distrust of Leni Robredo and the Tulfo siblings. Direk Manny cited the P60M advertisement fiasco involving Wanda Tulfo Teo, PRRD’s former Tourism Secretary who did not return the money after the deal has been deemed anomalous as basis for his distrust.

Direk Manny urged the public not to fall for their pro-masa advocacies and called them wolves in sheep’s clothing. Likewise with Leni Robredo.

Netizens jumped in the comment section to express their positive feedback of Castaneda’s opinion as shown in the comments below.

Thanks finally for saying the words I have been meaning to articulate all this time esp re the brothers, wrote another netizen.

Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding us Direk. I didn’t vote Raffy Tulfo anyway, echoed another netizen.

Meanwhile, this netizen had his own doubts about Leni Robredo’s motives.

Pero for sure may motibo yang si Ex VP pati ang Angat Buhay niya

Finally, this netizen slammed DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo for being shameless who still have the audacity to entertain the idea of having a collab with Leni Robredo following the first day epic fail cash aid distribution to students under his watch.


Yes kapalan Lang Ng mukha magbibigay Ng ayuda sablay on the first day dun palang Pinklawan moves na ibang klase nagcollaborate pa Yung Lutang na Lugaw

I don’t trust Robredo in as much as I don’t trust the Tulfo siblings. Let us not forget the 60M advertisement scam, money received by the Tulfo brothers which they never bothered to return to the government after the deal has been considered anomalous.

Let’s not be deceived by their pro masa advocacies. To me, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Ganun din si Robredo.


Source: Manuel Castaneda