Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Journalist Ira Panganiban's savage takedown of Leni Robredo's remarks: "Andaming sinasabi, puro naman sablay. Puro kuwento, walang naman kuwenta"


Leni Robredo once said her trolls and bashers are the ones who are at a disadvantage because they need to lie in an attempt to destroy her. Perhaps, there are a few who believe their lies. Who is the loser? Me? Did it diminish me? No. You are the ones who are getting diminished. Because you need to do evil in your attempt to destroy me. But you failed to destroy or knock me down.

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By the way, Leni Robredo made that statement in the vlog of showbiz reporter and Pinklawan supporter Ogie Diaz before the May election.

However, since Leni Robredo has refused to go away from the limelight by continuing to engage her critics like in an event in Pampanga recently saying that the Ateneo honorary degree and the Harvard speakership stint are perhaps God’s way to tell critics that the unflattering names they attributed to her are false.

Taking the cue from Leni Robredo, netizens reposted the old meme from the FB page Global Daily Mirror starring Leni Robredo telling bashers that no matter how hard they try to destroy her, she remain standing and unaffected.

Former ABS-CBN journalist and currently editor of Autocar Philippines and admin of the FB page Luminous Ira Panganiban has some ego-deflating message to Leni Robredo’s statement that her bashers has failed to knock her down and it reads:

Andaming sinasabi, puro naman sablay. Puro kuwento, walang naman kuwenta.

Hindi ka pinabagsak, TINALO ka sa eleksiyon.

Ira Panganiban’s remarks has been a huge hit among the Luminous followers, generating 10,300+ reactions (8,500 of which are laugh emojis), 1,700 comments and 131 shares in just 15 hours and counting.

Here are some of the harsh comments of netizens in response to Leni Robredo’s remarks her critics has failed to knock her down.

This netizen told Leni Robredo that no one has tried to knock her down but 31million just don’t like her and only 14 million wants her.

Hala oi maam walang nagpabagsak sa yo sadyang ayaw lang nang 31M + pilipino ang may gusto sa iyo ay 14M lang do the math😂😂


This netizen said that losing in the election is proof Leni Robredo has already fallen.

Pagkatalo mo te bagsak kana eh.

A third commenter said that when Leni lost her presidential bid, it brought joy to Marcos supporters.

Yung natalo ka sa bid mo for presidency, masaya na kami nun!!!



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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan