Thursday, September 15, 2022

Open letter to parents: If you don't want your children to be taught or disciplined, don't send them to school. Teachers are not saints; they are human beings


Teaching as they say is a thankless job because work is hard but the pay is little compared to other professions.


When one of their own made a lapse in judgment inside the classroom and was unlucky to get caught on video by one of his or her students and somehow the video finds its way in social media and goes viral because many find it shareworthy, the entire teaching community bears the brunt of the public.

Thanks to influencer Tio Moreno for taking up the cudgels on behalf of the teachers and vigorously defended the teachers as whole from the backlash generated by the viral video involving a public school teacher.

Influencer Tio Moreno prefaced the open letter by clarifying he understands the fine line between discipline and abuse.

Basically, Moreno is telling the parents not to overreact when teachers give their child a scolding or worse employ corporal punishment, but instead be grateful to the teachers who are teaching not only academics but also instilling discipline among the students because they are simply doing their mandate.

Moreno remarked that if parents don’t want their kids to be taught or disciplined, then don’t send their kids to school.

You may now read Tio Moreno’s open letter below.

Dear Parents,

I understand that there is a fine line between discipline and abuse.

However, if a teacher performs his or her duties in teaching your children, which include scolding them when they do wrong, failing them when they do poorly in school, assigning them requirements as part of the curriculum, and demonstrating authority to succeed in class— they do so because that is their mandate. They are not paid to be your nannies nor to be your servants.

If you don’t want your children to be taught or disciplined, don’t send them to school. Teachers are not saints; they are human beings.

They patiently teach your undisciplined and ill-bred children because they did not receive a good education at home.

I’m not going to list all the sacrifices teachers make to understand your spoiled brat kids, to teach your children things you failed to teach them in order for them to achieve their life goals, and to guide them on the path they should take to be successful because, at a time when students’ ethical and moral standards are falling, teachers’ expectations are rising.



Source: Tio Moreno