Friday, September 30, 2022

Open letter from a UPian to the misguided UPians


Admit it. To non-UPians like me, when we hear the word UP (University of the Philippines) before Facebook and Twitter were invented, majority of us think they are activists and anti-government because of what we see on primetime news.


In my personal experience, that perception changed after I had a Facebook friend who happened to be a UP alumnus and asked him about it. He just laughed at me debunked my wrong perception of the UP students right then and there.

Speaking of UP, an open letter from a UPian addressed to what he called misguided UPians has been making the rounds on Facebook and I want to share this to netizens to help enlighten as many Filipinos as I can, that what we hear, read and watch on TV about UP are not all true.

You may now read the open letter below.


Perhaps this is the opportune time for you to realize that you are not being sent to the premier university of the country to act as if you are intellectual dictators who lord over the Filipino people in their decisions.

The state sent you to the best university in the country for you to understand your fellow Filipinos and to craft something that will alleviate their lives.

You are/were government scholars for a reason: you should be the government arm that reaches forth to the poor so that they may feel that they are not being forsaken alone to wallow in extreme poverty. The state didn’t send you to school to fight the state back and overthrow the legitimate government.

It saddens me, therefore, to see you, U.P.ians, exhibited braggadocio on your education so-called and at the same time denigrated the masses and called them names, i.e., bobo, tanga, basura, etc.

The Filipinos recognize your superior education. Yes, you should be our leaders – leaders who would make the nation unite for success – not leaders who will destroy the country while you destroy yourselves in acting and believing an outdated evil ideology of communism thru bloody armed revolution.

Last election, you campaigned very hard and traveled far and wide in the name of “educating” the masses to choose your candidate, and/or convince and convert them to use violence against the very government that sent you to school.

You became so insensitive and detached from the reality on the ground. You thought the whole U.P. campus community was still with you. Hey, many of us are from U.P. too but we are not like you. Look at what happened to the U.P. Campus community last election. It voted for a candidate you loathed so much. It only says one thing: you have no influence and control over your fellow U.P.ians.

When your candidates were overwhelmingly rejected by the Filipinos, you threatened to walkout of your classes, defiantly rejecting the will of the people and acting like spoiled brats.

Do not use the University of the Philippines as a shield and protection of your skewed, violent, and bloody ideology.

Please rethink your position, ideology, and behavior before you will become totally irrelevant to the society.

The U.P. Campus community has vomited you already. They defiantly voted against your candidate.


Source: Andrew D (UP Visayas)