Monday, October 3, 2022

Creative marketing coordinator makes brilliant explanation why ShopeePH chose Toni G over Kakampink-aligned celebrities as brand ambassador


This creative marketing coordinator isn’t buying Kakampinks justification they are cancelling Shopee not because Toni Gonzaga was hired as brand ambassador but the mass layoffs of employees.


Tio Moreno, social media influencer during his off time but works as a creative marketing coordinator can only laugh at the Kakampinks for running out of reasons, hence making them easy to refute.

Moreno sounded grateful the noisy Kakampinks making noise on Twitter against Shopee are mostly uninformed who just barked, barked without bothering to do research that Shopee’s international headquarters are shutting down due to global recession.

Moreno defended ShopeePH conducting mass layoffs because he said they are for-profit business not a charitable institution. They can’t keep paying people if they are not making profits.

Like any company. Shopee has business plans and what not. Budgeting is a process that does not happen overnight.

Moreno said Kakampinks guilt-tripping Shopee for spending millions on Toni G while mass laid off their people is shallow argument. He can only laugh at the wrong application of the cause and effect analysis on the Toni G saga.

But here’s the exciting part! Tio Moreno, the creative marketing coordinator, will knock some sense into the heads of Shopee’s critics blaming Toni G hiring as brand endorser for the mass layoffs of Shopee employees in the Philippines.

Please continue reading below for Tio Moreno’s explanation. Comment down below, in the FB page if you agree with him or not.

KAKAMPINKS are justifying that them cancelling Shopee is not because Toni G was hired as ambassador, but because Shopee is conducting mass layoffs.

These kakampinks are running out of reasons, making them quite easy to refute these days.

Because most of them are uninformed [this is their best asset], they failed to research about Shopee’s international headquarters shutting down due to the global economic downturn.

Shopee is still a for-profit business, not a charity.

They have all the rights to layoff employees if they need to since they own the company. Alangan naman magpa trabaho pa sila then they cannot pay their employees due to losses— so another problem na naman.

Shopee, being a company, has business plans and so forth. Budgeting is a process that takes time; it does not happen immediately. Marketing and Operating Expenses are not the same.

Hence, informing people that Shopee spent millions on Toni G then mass laid off their employees is a pretty shallow argument. It’s an incorrect use of cause and effect analysis.

As a creative marketing coordinator, I know exactly how businesses function. When we use “influencer marketing,” we really need to find someone whose market can help us getting more leads. Why would you hire an endorser who has no influence on the target prospects?

Admit it, KAKAMPINKS used a lot of celebrities to sell Atty. Leni Robredo during the recent elections, which resulted in a loss. That’s because they lack convincing power to persuade others to choose their product.

While Uniteam has a small number of celebrities, laos pa ang iba[mga unknown sabi ng kakampinks]. I believe Toni G is the only one who has shown strong endorsements.

If I were on Shopee’s marketing team, I would do the same. Toni G is supported by 31 million Filipinos, whereas “the others” have 15 million more or less—- and some of them have not subscribed to CANCEL CULTURE that’s why them boycotting the business doesn’t really sell.


Source: Tio Moreno




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