Tuesday, October 4, 2022

This female broadcaster's mindset in viewing PBBM's actions like flying to Singapore to hobnob with business tycoons is a breath of fresh air


When social media woke up to the news on Sunday that PBBM flew again to Singapore to watch, as per report from major local news outlets, the F1 Grand Prix in the Lion City, critics had a field day making memes portraying the president as a spoiled brat party animal insensitive to the typhoon victims who has yet to recover from the devastation brought about by KardingPH and to the general public suffering from the skyrocketing prices of commodities.


Renato Reyes, the undisputed king of Philippine rally and street protest since time immemorial, was one of the loudest critics of PBBM on Twitter after learning of his Singapore weekend trip to watch F1 Grand Prix.

Reyes posted a series of tweets criticizing PBBM’s Singapore weekend trip. Here are some of his tweets ranting against PBBM.

Reyes began by drawing parallels to PBBM’s Singapore weekend trip to the Martial Law days of his father. In other words, making the 31 million voted him President to feel sorry for not listening to him and fellow anti-Marcos during the campaign period.

Reyes tweeted PBBM took a private jet and asked who paid for the trip. If it was lent by a private individual, he said this is graft. If it was government plane, then the taxpayers for the getaway. Either way, may mali.

Sensing blood, Reyes went hyperdrive in attacking PBBM, calling his jet-setting lifestyle incompatible with the Office of the President. Said the weekend gateway to Singapore to watch F1 race amid the economic crisis, in the aftermath of KardingPH and public debt breaching P13B is insensitive, unnecessary and irresponsible.

While Marcos critics looked at the Singapore F1 getaway of PBBM from the perspective of the Leftist lenses worn by Renato Reyes and the Dilawans, CJ Hirro, a broadcaster from Eagle News, offered a fresh perspective from her personal observation as host of events for companies owned by the country’s elites. She said until we understand how the rich and business tycoons, nothing will ever make sense with this President.

Of course, CJ Hirro pointed out one huge mistake of Malacanang at the end of her brief FB post.

You may now read CJ Hirro’s FB post to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

One of the things I learned hosting events for companies owned by the country’s elites is that nothing is ever just a weekend out or just a day of watching games with these people. Nothing is ever just a day of playing golf, nothing is ever just a dinner, or a night out. Anywhere doing anything with anybody is an opportunity to discuss and expand business. They’re all an opportunity to be seen, heard, and expand one’s network. Until we understand that, nothing will ever make sense with this president.

Having said all that, allowing pictures of the President in Singapore to leak before revealing details about the trip was a PR mistake.


Source: CJ Hirro