Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Retired Air Force General talks about court martial and possible charges vs reserve Air Force Colonel Senator Loren Legarda


Many netizens are wondering what fate awaits Senator Loren Legarda as a reserved Colonel in the Philippine Air Force following her controversial statement vouching for the CPP as not the enemy of the State whom she praised as an organization with good vision for the country.


Well, if you asks retired Air Force General Romeo V Poquiz, the senator from Antique will not escape the responsibility as a military officer – an Air Force at that.

You may now read Air Force General Romeo Poquiz original FB post below and he will give us an idea what charges awaits Senator Loren Legarda if and when she appears before a court martial proceedings.

If a soldier, whether a private or a general, betrays his sworn duty to protect the state against its enemies, or gives aid and comfort to the enemy, that soldier is immeditely sanctioned. He is investigated, court martialed, discharged dishonorably, and even shot to death in times of war.

That is very clear to those in the active service, those who retired, and those honorably separated.

I hope that is also very clear to those in the Reserve Force, especially to Colonel Lorna Regina Legarda. Otherwise, that uniform she wore, which real soldiers regard as sacred, is tainted, if not prostituted. Aside from treason, she will be charged as an opportunist who merely joined the military service purely out of convenience, if not sinister ends.

One thing is certain. She may invoke her parliamentary immunity when she spoke those treasonous words in the Senate, but she cannot escape responsibility as a military officer- an Air Force at that!



Source: Romeo V. Poquiz