Monday, September 5, 2022

This netizen scolds Senator Loren Legarda like she was a Grade 5 pupil, barks at senator to sit down & take a refresher course


Before the advent of social media, it is hard to imagine ordinary folks reprimanding politicians when they f*ck up with their jobs!


But thanks to social media, we can now freely engage our political leaders on their social media accounts or write an open letter even if they don’t read it to express our displeasure when they do something stupid!

Speaking of which, this is what Tio Moreno just did on Facebook to Senator Loren Legarda.

In a Facebook post, Moreno wrote that if you are a senator and still confused about the CPP-NPA-NDF, then it is time for Senator Loren to go back to school for a refresher course.

Or the Senator can choose to immerse herself in an NPA-infested area to experience for herself how these terrorists work.

Morero barked at Senator Loren to sit down like she was inside the classroom and jumping from one seat to another while the teacher is talking about the lesson of the day.

Moreno said in an emphatic tone that while he appreciates Legarda’s contribution to the country, he can’t stand with her ignorance any longer.

You may now read Tio Moreno’s brief FB post below.

If you are a SENATOR and are still confused about the CPP-NPA-NDF, it is time to take a refresher course or immerse yourself in an NPA-infested area to see for yourself how these terrorists operate.

Sit down, Loren Legarda!

While I appreciate your contributions to the country, I can’t tolerate your ignorance any longer.

Moreno dropped a document from the ATC (Anti-Terrorism Council) declaring the CPP-NPA-NDF a terrorist group. The document also showed the US and EU declaring the CPP-NPA-NDF terrorist group earlier than the PH government.



Source: Tio Moreno