Monday, September 5, 2022

This lady doc thinks Senator Loren Legarda is a FRAUD because she said the CPP is not an enemy of the government?


Senator Loren Legarda’s statement during the recent senate session has stirred up the hornets’ nest online among anti-CPP/NPA/NDF Pinoy netizens, including pro-Duterte admin physician and radio host named Dr. Ethel Pineda.


Basically, Dr. Pineda figuratively grabbed Senator Loren Legarda by the collar and asked on her face if killing our soldiers, policemen, civilians, burning and destroying cell site towers, buses, factories, destroying the future of our youths, turning them into child soldiers are the not handiwork of the enemies of the State? They have a good vision for the country?

Dr. Pineda slammed Senator Legarda who is a reserve office with a rank of Colonel for failing to see or refusing to see an enemy of the State even if it is already at the tip of her nose.

Apparently frustrated, Dr. Pineda called Sen. Loren a fraud!

You may now read Dr. Pineda’s original FB post below.

Mawalang-galang na, Senadora.

Pumatay ng mga sundalo, pulis, sibilyan. Sinunog, sinira mga cell site towers, mga bus, mga pabrika.

Sinira ang kinabukasan ng mga kabataan, ginawang mga kawal.

Hindi kaaway? Maganda ang pananaw para sa bayan?

Reserve officer with a rank of Colonel. Yet you cannot or refuse to see an enemy of the State even if it is already at the tip of your nose.

What a fraud.

The Facebook followers of Dr. Ethe. Pineda were equally horrified by Senator Loren Legarda’s statement.

One netizen asked if the senator is conscious when she announced in public her support to an organization terror organization by the US and EU.

Wow, is she aware that she is publicly voicing her support to a declared terror organization by the US and European Union and by the Philippine govt. Unbelievable! That’s bordering on treason isn’t it?

A second commented that Senator Legarda is pandering to the Left.

The senator is pandering to the leftists. What a bit… baggage.

A third can’t help but make a conclusion that Senator Legarda is Joma’s mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece na pala sya ni Joma Sison, kaya pala endorsed ng KABAG last election. Until now, she didnt know who CPP/NDF is? same as NPA. They are One & the same! Na budol nanaman ang Majority voters. She has long standing working relationship sa mga anay at traidor ng lipunan! Hangang dyan lang kasikatan mo Loren. Indi ka na manalo next election.



Source: Ethel Pineda