Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Duterte approves creation of 10K teaching positions

Good news to our DepEd community President Rodrigo R. Duterte approves the creation of more teaching positions in our public school system as well to reform the current curriculum. During the Cabinet meeting, Wednesday President Duterte approved recommendations from DepEd Secretary Leonor G. Briones, in a Palace statement last Thursday.

“Moving forward, quality basic education is imperative. Thus, the President approved DepEd’s recommendation to improve the curriculum for students who want to pursue education, create more plantilla positions for teachers, produce a communication plan on quality education, and harness the use of technology to educate more students, educators and leaders,” the President’s Spokesperson Salvador S. Panelo said.

According to Business World, adding more teaching positions is one of the primary programs under DepEd’s proposed 2020 National Budget of P551.7 billion, with around P1.2 billion allocated to hire 10,000 teachers next year. The education department also said it is currently studying expanding the first three Teacher ranks for public school teachers in order to provide an encouraging career path for teachers featuring regular promotions.

Added to that the curriculum reform seeks to address the years-long decline in the passing rate in the National Achievement Tests or known as NAT. Curriculum reform also aims to improve the Department of Education (DepEd) Computerization Program by providing more information and communication technology (ICT) to public schools to improve the quality of education in our Nation.
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