Friday, December 3, 2021

Lawyer's retort to Aika Robredo saying her mother is the most qualified among presidential aspirants draws laughs from netizens


Walang most qualified. Lahat ng tumakbo 40 years old, Filipino resident, natural born at marunong magsulat at magbasa. Kaya nga nakatakbo nanay mo.

This is the brief reaction of Darwin Cañete, our favorite anti-Dilawan whose pastime is making fun and heckling the Dilawans and the anti-administration forces to Leni Robredo’s daughter who told CNN Philippines that her mother is the most qualified among the field of presidential aspirants.


Aika Robredo, as the caption of the CNN Philippines article stated, appealed to bashers and critics to give her mother a chance.

Netizens who stumbled upon Darwin Cañete’s FB post was visibly pleased of his retort to Aika Robredo’s statement. Of the 2,300 reactors, 2000 reactors hit the laugh emoji.

Let us read the comments of netizens and see how netizens responded to Aika Robredo’s appeal to give her mother a chance because she is the most qualified.

Naka tsamba na nga si LENI by some stroke of good luck (and miracle) in 2016 PERO ANO ANG GINAWA NIYA? ANO ANG PINATUNAYAN NI LENI ROBREDO for people to give her another chance?!!NOTHING MUCH!!!LENI did nothing much in office except for some band-in solution projects designed with photo ops in mind and media mileage, suggestions na ginagawa na, and worse, SHAMING THIS GOVERNMENT AND ITS ELECTED PRESIDENT BEFORE OTHER NATIONS AND OFFICIALS OF OTHER COUNTRIES.LENI showed to everyone that she cannot turn away from politics and dirty politicking, if only to do more in office, in SERVING THE PEOPLE specially during calamities and more, during this global health pandemic.KUDA NG KUDA, KULANG NA KULANG NAMAN SA GAWA!!!LENI IS NOT a good team player in PRRD’s cabinet and that has been repeatedly proven.LENI, IN FACT, SHOWS NO RESPECT AT ALL on the choice of MORE Filipinos for their President.Nabigyan na nga ng chance si LENI to serve the Pilipino People in 2016 BUT SHE squandered it at every chance she gets to live up to her promises of faithful and genuine service to our people.SO WHY SHOULD THE FILIPINO PEOPLE NOW GIVE LENI ANOTHER CHANCE when other candidates are more deserving, RESPECTED & LOVED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND OVERSEAS? #BBMisMyPresidentIn2022#SARAisMyVPin2022


Oh so now you appeal to bashers? The one you and your mother has been calling trolls for almost six years now?

How arrogant! How can a candidate with no concrete platform be the most qualified? She doesn’t even understand how our constitutional government works!

SIX YEARS na namin siyang pinagbibigyan! Wala siyang ginawa kung hindi siraan ang adminstrasyon imbes na tumulong!!! Inuuna nya pa kase layunin at kapakanan ng partido imbes na para sa bayan!!!hayyyzzz

Executive experience makes most qualified. She has zero executive experience. Mas qualified pa si Sara.

5years as VP pero pang DSWD task ginagawa 🥴

hindi xa most qualified kc madalas lutang c nanay leni kung anu anung lumalabas sa bibig na hnd naman na aangkop sa usapan😂


Source: Darwin Cañete